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About company

ABM Anlagenbau und Maschinentechnik GmbH offers the integrated approach to turnkey delivery of the equipment and process trains, as well as spare parts and consumables for oil and gas, chemical, mining, metallurgical, food and textile industries, and also mechanical engineering and metal working industries.

The Company bears close partnership relations with leading European manufacturers. We set a high value on wishes and requirements of our customers and handle their requests with maximum precision.

The Company carries out the equipment delivery, consulting services, planning of new enterprises, personnel training from the very beginning irrespective of whether there is a matter on modernization of existing production or designing of the new one. Solutions for each project are selected considering all factors so as to take into account the individual requirements of the Company’s customers.

Extensive service maintenance system and training centers in Germany and Uzbekistan ensure that the equipment delivered by the company will meet requirements over a number of years after installation and commissioning.

ABM Anlagenbau und Maschinentechnik GmbH engages actively with the large-scale enterprises of the Republic of Uzbekistan, the Russian Federation, the Republic of Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, Baltic countries, etc.

ABM Anlagenbau und Maschinentechnik GmbH advantage is that the company has opportunity to response promptly to technical queries of our customers and to deliver at a short date the spare parts for maintenance of trouble-free operation of the equipment within the warranty period and thereafter. We appreciate confidence of our customers and partners and perform assigned tasks with responsibility.

ABM Anlagenbau und Maschinentechnik GmbH is open for cooperation, is ready for new contracts and will consider your requests and proposals with a great relish

We offer the integrated approach to delivery of the equipment for oil and gas, chemical, mining, metallurgical, food and textile industries, including:

– Turnkey process trains

– Integrated PVC, PP and PE pipe extrusion lines, as well as spare parts thereto

– Integrated PVC, PP and PE molded and piece goods extrusion lines, as well as spare parts thereto

– Injection-molding machines and spare parts

– PVC mixing lines and spare parts

– Spare parts for PVC and PE pipe manufacturing plants

– Spare parts for mixing lines

– PVC raw materials and components for pipe, windows and doors, siding panel, wall panel, etc.

– 35% and 60% hydrogen peroxide (SOLVAY)

– Caustic soda

– Metal-working machinery (metal-working lathes, numerical control lathes, combination lathes, axis-controlled mills, drilling machines, radial drilling machines, face grinding machines, grinding machines, etc.)

– Wood-working machinery for furniture departments (wood-working lathes, spindle molding machines, radial saw machines, wood-working planers, band saws, combination machine tools, wood thickness planers, etc.)

– RCR – well drilling wire-line tools

– Shut-off valves (gate valves, ball and plug valves, control valves, etc.)

– Shut-off valve service equipment: fixed and mobile

– Horizontal or vertical chemical pumps

– Shell and tube or plate heat exchangers

– Highly alloyed steel pipes and fittings

– Chemical high-pressure hoses

– Conveyor bel

– Cooling towers and their sets for old ones

– hydrodynamic filters for water treatment

– Instrumentation and automatics (flow meters, level gauges, thermometers, pressure gauges)

– Lining bricks

– Training and laboratory equipment

– Gear motors, frequency converters SEW-EURODRIVES



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